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Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide by Maik Schmidt PDF

Download Book : Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide by  Maik Schmidt PDF
Information about the book:

Title: Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide

Author:    Maik Schmidt

Size: 4 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2012

Pages:  120

Language: English

Country:  USA

Book Contents:

■ Acknowledgments 

■ Preface

1. Meet the Raspberry Pi 

1.1 Get to Know the Hardware 
1.2 What Else You Need 
1.3 Next Steps 
2. Install an Operating System
2.1 See What’s Available 
2.2 Prepare a Bootable SD Card 
2.3 Next Steps 

3. Configure Raspbian 
3.1 Boot the Pi for the First Time 
3.2 Customize Your Installation with Raspi-config 
3.3 Start the Desktop 
3.4 Manage Your Software with apt-get 
3.5 Next Steps 

4. Configure the Firmware

4.1 Update the Firmware/Kernel 
4.2 Adjust the Memory Layout to Your Needs 
4.3 Configure the Video Output 
4.4 Test and Configure the Audio System 
4.5 Next Steps 

5. Intermezzo: Build a Kiosk with the Pi 

5.1 Display Twitter Live Search Information 
5.2 Refresh Websites Automatically 
5.3 Next Steps 

6. Networking with the Pi 

6.1 Perform Everyday Tasks on the Web 
6.2 Use Secure Shell with the Pi 
6.3 Share Desktops with the Pi 
6.4 Turn the Pi into a Web Server 
6.5 Add WiFi to the Pi 
6.6 Next Steps 

7. Turn the Pi into a Multimedia Center

7.1 Install Raspbmc 
7.2 Start Raspbmc for the First Time 
7.3 Add Files to XBMC 
7.4 Control XBMC Remotely 
7.5 Next Steps 

8. Play Games on Your Pi 

8.1 Play Interactive Fiction 
8.2 Play Point-and-Click Adventures 
8.3 Emulate Other Platforms 
8.4 Play Native Games 
8.5 Next Steps 

9. Tinker with the GPIO Pins 

9.1 What You Need 
9.2 Meet the Pi’s GPIO Pins 
9.3 Build a Basic Circuit 
9.4 Control an LED Using the GPIO Pins 
9.5 Build an “Out of Memory” Alarm 
9.6 Display the GPIO Status in a Browser 
9.7 What If It Doesn’t Work? 
9.8 Next Steps 

A1. A Linux Primer

A1.1 A First Encounter 
A1.2 Navigate Through the File System 
A1.3 Edit Text Files 
A1.4 Manage Users 
A1.5 Manage Processes 
A1.6 Shut Down and Reboot the Pi 
A1.7 Getting Help 


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