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Handbook of Constraint Programming by Francesca Rossi, Peter van Beek and Toby Walsh PDF

Download Book : Handbook of Constraint Programming by Francesca Rossi, Peter van Beek and Toby Walsh PDF

Information about the book:

Title: Handbook of Constraint Programming 

Author:  Francesca Rossi, Peter van Beek and Toby Walsh

Size: 6 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2006

Pages:  977

Language: English


Book Contents:
I Foundations 

1 Introduction 
2 Constraint Satisfaction: An Emerging Paradigm 
3 Constraint Propagation 
4 Backtracking Search Algorithms 
5 Local Search Methods 
6 Global Constraints 
7 Tractable Structures for Constraint Satisfaction Problems 
8 The Complexity of Constraint Languages 
9 Soft Constraints 
10 Symmetry in Constraint Programming 
11 Modelling 

II Extensions, Languages, and Applications 

12 Constraint Logic Programming 
13 Constraints in Procedural and Concurrent Languages 
14 Finite Domain Constraint Programming Systems 
15 Operations Research Methods in Constraint Programming 
16 Continuous and Interval Constraints 
17 Constraints over Structured Domains 
18 Randomness and Structure 
19 Temporal CSPs  
20 Distributed Constraint Programming 
21 Uncertainty and Change 
22 Constraint-Based Scheduling and Planning 
23 Vehicle Routing 
24 Configuration 
25 Constraint Applications in Networks 
26 Bioinformatics and Constraints 


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