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Visual Object Recognition By Grauman K., Leibe B PDF

Download : Visual Object Recognition By Grauman K., Leibe B PDF

Informations about the book: 

TitleVisual Object Recognition 

AuthorGrauman K., Leibe B.

Size: 12.8MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2011


Language: English

Country:  USA

Book Contents:

 1. Overview Recognition of Specific Objects
 2.Local Features Detection and Description 
 3.Matching Local Features  
 4.Geometric Verification of Matched Features  
 5.Example Systems Specific-Object Recognition
 6.Overview Recognition of Generic Object Categories
 7.Representations for Object Categories   
 8.Generic Object Detection Finding and Scoring Candidates 
 9.Learning Generic Object Category Models
10.Example Systems Generic Object Recognition
11.Other Considerations and Current Challenges

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