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Python Programming for Raspberry Pi By Blum Richard Bresnahan Christine. PDF

Download Book : Python Programming for Raspberry Pi By Blum Richard, Bresnahan Christine. PDF

Informations about the book: 

Title: Python Programming for Raspberry Pi

Author: Blum Richard Bresnahan Christine

Size: 30 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2015

Pages: 760

Language: English

Country: USA

Book Contents:

Part I: Python Programming on the Raspberry Pi HOUR.
 1. Setting Up the Raspberry Pi
 2. Understanding the Raspbian Linux Distribution
 3. Setting Up a Programming Environment
Part II: Python Fundamentals HOUR.
 4. Understanding Python Basics
 5. Using Arithmetic in Your Programs
 6. Controlling Your Program
7. Learning About Loops
Part III: Advanced Python HOUR.
 8. Using Lists and Tuples
 9. Dictionaries and Sets
 10. Working with Strings
 11. Using Files
 12. Creating Functions
 13. Working with Modules
 14. Exploring the World of Object-Oriented Programming
 15. Employing Inheritance
 16. Regular Expressions
 17. Exception Handling
Part IV: Graphical Programming HOUR .
 18. GUI Programming
 19. Game Programming
Part V: Business Programming HOUR .
 20. Using the Network
 21. Using Databases in Your Programming
 22. Web Programming
Part VI: Raspberry Pi Python Projects HOUR.
 23. Creating Basic Pi/Python Projects
 24. Working with Advanced Pi/Python Projects

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