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Artificial Intelligence in Theory and Practice By Max Bramer PDF

Download Book : Artificial Intelligence in Theory and Practice By Max Bramer PDF

Informations about the book:

TitleArtificial Intelligence in Theory and Practice

AuthorMax Bramer

Size27 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2010

Pages: 513

Book Contents:

Agents 1
The lONWI algorithm: Learning when and when not to 
Silvia Schiaffino andAnalia Amandi
Formal Analysis of the Communication of Probabilistic 
Joao Carlos Gluz, Rosa Maria Vicari, Cecilia Flores and
Louise Seixas
Detecting and Repairing Anomalous Evolutions in Noisy 
Environments: Logic Programming Formalization and
Complexity Results
Fabrizio Angiulli, Gianluigi Greco and Luigi Palopoli
Adding Semantic Web Services Matching and Discovery 
Support to the MoviLog Platform
Cristian Mateos, Marco Crasso, Alejandro Zunino and
Marcelo Campo 
Learning Browsing Patterns for Context-Aware
Agents 2
Three Technologies for Automated Trading 
John Debenham and Simeon Simoff
Modeling Travel Assistant Agents: a graded BDI approach 
Ana Casali, Lluis Godo and Carles Sierra 
e-Tools: An agent coordination layer to support the mobility 
of persons with disabilities.
Cristian Barrue, Ulises Cortes, Antonio B. Martinez, Josep
Escoda, Roberta Annicchiarico and Carlo Caltagirone
Expert Systems
Conceptualization Maturity Metrics for Expert Systems 
Ovind Hauge, Paola Britos and Ramon Garcia-Martinez
Toward developing a tele-diagnosis system on fish disease 
Daoliang Li, Wei Zhu, Yanqing Duan, Zetian Fu
A new method for fish-disease diagnostic problem solving 
based on parsimonious covering theory and fuzzy inference

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