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Python, Pygame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development By Sloan Kelly PDF

Download Book : Python, Pygame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development By Sloan Kelly PDF

Informations about the book:

TitlePython, Pygame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development

AuthorSloan Kelly

Size: 5 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2019

Pages: 395

Book Contents:

Chapter 1: What Is a Programming Language?
Chapter 2: What Is Python? 
Chapter 3: Introducing Python
Chapter 4: Breaking Free from the Interpreter
Chapter 5: Making Decisions
Chapter 6: Making the Raspberry Pi Repeat Itself 
Chapter 7: Containers
Chapter 8: Putting It Together: Tic-Tac-Toe
Chapter 9: Basic Introduction to PyGame
Chapter 10: Designing Your Game
Chapter 11: Game Project: Bricks
Chapter 12: User-Defined Functions
Chapter 13: File Input and Output
Chapter 14: Introducing Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 15: Inheritance, Composition, and Aggregation
Chapter 16: Game Project: Snake
Chapter 17: Model View Controller
Chapter 18: Audio
Chapter 19: Finite State Machines
Chapter 20: Game Project: Invaders
Chapter 21: Simple Electronics with the GPIO Pins
Chapter 22: Game Project: Memory
Chapter 23: Game Project: Quiz
Chapter 24: Conclusion


  1. I juwst want to download it,don't need or wangt a converter

  2. If you want to sell me the book, do that, I don't want to download any software


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