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TensorFlow for Dummies By Matthew Scarpino PDF

Download Book : TensorFlow for Dummies By Matthew Scarpino PDF

Informations about the book:

TitleTensorFlow for Dummies

AuthorMatthew Scarpino

Size6 MB




Book Contents:

Part 1: Getting to Know TensorFlow                             
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Machine Learning with TensorFlow
CHAPTER 2: Getting Your Feet Wet
CHAPTER 3: Creating Tensors and Operations
CHAPTER 4: Executing Graphs in Sessions
CHAPTER 5: Training
Part 2: Implementing Machine Learning
CHAPTER 6: Analyzing Data with Statistical Regression
CHAPTER 7: Introducing Neural Networks and Deep Learning
CHAPTER 8: Classifying Images with Convolutional
Neural Networks (CNNs)
CHAPTER 9: Analyzing Sequential Data with Recurrent
Neural Networks (RNNs)
Part 3: Simplifying and Accelerating TensorFlow
CHAPTER 10: Accessing Data with Datasets and Iterators
CHAPTER 11: Using Threads, Devices, and Clusters
CHAPTER 12: Developing Applications with Estimators
CHAPTER 13: Running Applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Part 4: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 14: The Ten Most Important Classes
CHAPTER 15: Ten Recommendations for Training Neural Networks

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