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Python All-In-One for Dummies By John Shovic, Alan Simpson PDF

Download Book : Python All-In-One for Dummies By John Shovic, Alan Simpson PDF

Informations about the book:

Title: Python All-In-One for Dummies

Author: John Shovic, Alan Simpson

Size40 MB




Book Contents:

Book 1: Getting Started with Python
CHAPTER 1: Starting with Python
CHAPTER 2: Interactive Mode, Getting Help, Writing Apps
CHAPTER 3: Python Elements and Syntax
CHAPTER 4: Building Your First Python Application
Book 2: Understanding Python Building Blocks
CHAPTER 1: Working with Numbers, Text, and Dates
CHAPTER 2: Controlling the Action
CHAPTER 3: Speeding Along with Lists and Tuples
CHAPTER 4: Cruising Massive Data with Dictionaries
CHAPTER 5: Wrangling Bigger Chunks of Code
CHAPTER 6: Doing Python with Class
CHAPTER 7: Sidestepping Errors
Book 3: Working with Python Libraries
CHAPTER 1: Working with External Files
CHAPTER 2: Juggling JSON Data
CHAPTER 3: Interacting with the Internet
CHAPTER 4: Libraries, Packages, and Modules
Book 4: Using Artificial Intelligence in Python
CHAPTER 1: Exploring Artificial Intelligence
CHAPTER 2: Building a Neural Network in Python
CHAPTER 3: Doing Machine Learning in Python
CHAPTER 4: Exploring More AI in Python
Book 5: Doing Data Science with Python
CHAPTER 1: The Five Areas of Data Science
CHAPTER 2: Exploring Big Data with Python
CHAPTER 3: Using Big Data from the Google Cloud
Python All-in-One
Book 6: Talking to Hardware with Python
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Physical Computing
CHAPTER 2: No Soldering! Grove Connectors for Building Things
CHAPTER 3: Sensing the World with Python: The World of I2C
CHAPTER 4: Making Things Move with Python
Book 7: Building Robots with Python
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Robotics
CHAPTER 2: Building Your First Python Robot
CHAPTER 3: Programming Your Robot Rover in Python
CHAPTER 4: Using Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

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