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Artificial Intelligence: Advances in Research and Applications By Luis Rabelo, Sayli Bhide, Edgar Gutierrez PDF

Download Book : Artificial Intelligence: Advances in Research and Applications By Luis Rabelo, Sayli Bhide, Edgar Gutierrez  PDF

Informations about the book:

TitleArtificial Intelligence: Advances in Research and Applications 

AuthorLuis Rabelo, Sayli Bhide, Edgar Gutierrez

Size: 13.6 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2018

Pages: 364

Book Contents:

Chapter 1 Unsupervised Ensemble Learning
Chapter 2 Using Deep Learning to Configure Parallel Distributed Discrete-Event Simulators 
Chapter 3 Machine Learning Applied to Autonomous Vehicles
Chapter 4 Evolutionary Optimization of Support Vector Machines Using Genetic Algorithms
Chapter 5 Texture Descriptors for the Generic Pattern Classification Problem
Chapter 6 Simulation Optimization Using a Hybrid Scheme with Particle Swarm Optimization for a Manufacturing Supply Chain
Chapter 7 The Estimation of Cutting Forces in the Turning of Inconel 718 Assisted with a High Pressure Coolant Using Bio-Inspired Artificial Neural Networks
Chapter 8 Predictive Analytics using Genetic Programming
Chapter 9 Managing Overcrowding in Healthcare using Fuzzy Logic
Chapter 10 The Utilization of Case-Based Reasoning: A Case Study of the Healthcare Sector Using Simulation Modeling
Chapter 11 Agent-Based Modeling Simulation and Its Application to Ecommerce 
Chapter 12 Artificial Intelligence for the Modeling and Prediction of the Bioactivities of Complex Natural Products
Chapter 13 Predictive Analytics for Thermal Coal Prices Using Neural Networks and Regression Trees
Chapter 14 Explorations of the ‘Transhuman’ Dimension of Artificial Intelligence


This is a very distinctive book which discusses important applications using a variety of paradigms from AI and outlines some of the research to be performed. The work supersedes similar books that do not cover as diversified a set of sophisticated applications. The authors present a comprehensive and articulated view of recent developments, identifies the applications gap by quoting from the experience of experts, and details suggested research areas. The book is organized into 14 chapters which provide a perspective of the field of AI. Areas covered in these selected papers include a broad range of applications, such as manufacturing, autonomous systems, healthcare, medicine, advanced materials, parallel distributed computing, and electronic commerce. AI paradigms utilized in this book include unsupervised learning, ensembles, neural networks, deep learning, fuzzy logic, support-vector machines, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, particle swarm optimization, agents, and case-based reasoning. 

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