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Deep Learning for NLP and Speech Recognition By Uday Kamath & John Liu & James Whitaker EPUB

Download Book : Deep Learning for NLP and Speech Recognition By Uday Kamath & John Liu & James Whitaker EPUB

Informations about the book:

Title: Deep Learning for NLP and Speech Recognition

AuthorUday Kamath & John Liu & James Whitaker

Size: 80 MB

Format: EPUB

Year: 2019

Pages: -

Book Contents:

Part I. Machine Learning, NLP, and Speech Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Basics of Machine Learning
3. Text and Speech Basics
Part II. Deep Learning Basics
4. Basics of Deep Learning
5. Distributed Representations
6. Convolutional Neural Networks
7. Recurrent Neural Networks
8. Automatic Speech Recognition
Part III. Advanced Deep Learning Techniques for Text and Speech
9. Attention and Memory Augmented Networks
10. Transfer Learning: Scenarios, Self-Taught Learning, and Multitask Learning
11. Transfer Learning: Domain Adaptation
12. End-to-End Speech Recognition
13. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Text and Speech


This textbook explains Deep Learning Architecture, with applications to various NLP Tasks, including Document Classification, Machine Translation, Language Modeling, and Speech Recognition. With the widespread adoption of deep learning, natural language processing (NLP),and speech applications in many areas (including Finance, Healthcare, and Government) there is a growing need for one comprehensive resource that maps deep learning techniques to NLP and speech and provides insights  into  using  the  tools  and  libraries  for  real-world  applications. Deep Learning for NLP and Speech Recognition explains recent deep learning methods applicable to NLP and speech, provides state-of-the-art approaches, and offers real-world case studies with code to provide hands-on experience. 

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