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Download Book : Beginning Machine Learning in iOS: CoreML Framework By Mohit Thakkar PDF

Informations about the book:

TitleBeginning Machine Learning in iOS: CoreML Framework 

AuthorMohit Thakkar 

Size: 6.7 MB

Format: PDF

Year: 2019

Pages: 171

Book Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
What Is Machine Learning?
What Are the Applications of Machine Learning?
Why Do We Need Machine Learning?
How Does Machine Learning Work?
Perceptron Learning Algorithm
Types of Machine Learning
Chapter 2: Introduction to Core ML Framework
Core ML at a Glance
Core ML Components
Training and Inference
Machine Learning Models
Beginning with Xcode
Photos Application Using Xcode
Using a Core ML Model in Your Application
Chapter 3: Custom Core ML Models Using Turi Create
Necessity for a Custom Model
Life Cycle of a Custom Model Creation
Assembling Data
Introduction to Turi Create
Training and Evaluating a Custom Model
Converting a Custom Model into Core ML
Using a Custom Model in Your Application 
Chapter 4: Custom Core ML Models Using Create ML
Introduction to Create ML
Chapter 5: Improving Computational Efficiency 
GPU vs. CPU Processing
Key Considerations while Implementing Machine Learning
Metal Performance Shaders


Implement machine learning models in your iOS applications. This short work begins by reviewing the primary principals of machine learning and then moves on to discussing more advanced topics, such as CoreML, the framework used to enable machine learning tasks in Apple products. Many applications on iPhone use machine learning: Siri to serve voice-based requests, the Photos app for facial recognition, and Facebook to suggest which people that might be in a photo. You'll review how these types of machine learning tasks are implemented and performed so that you can use them in your own apps.

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