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Master Machine Learning Algorithms : Discover how they work By Jason Brownlee PDF

Download Book : Master Machine Learning Algorithms : Discover how they work By Jason Brownlee PDF

Informations about the book:

Title: Master Machine Learning Algorithms : Discover how they work

Author: Jason Brownlee 

Size1 MB




Book Contents:

I Introduction
1 Welcome
II Background
2 How To Talk About Data in Machine Learning
3 Algorithms Learn a Mapping From Input to Output
4 Parametric and Nonparametric Machine Learning Algorithms
5 Supervised, Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning
6 The Bias-Variance Trade-Off
7 Overfitting and Underfitting
III Linear Algorithms
8 Crash-Course in Spreadsheet Math
9 Gradient Descent For Machine Learning
10 Linear Regression
11 Simple Linear Regression Tutorial
12 Linear Regression Tutorial Using Gradient Descent
13 Logistic Regression
14 Logistic Regression Tutorial
15 Linear Discriminant Analysis
16 Linear Discriminant Analysis Tutorial
IV Nonlinear Algorithms 
17 Classification and Regression Trees
18 Classification and Regression Trees Tutorial
19 Naive Bayes
20 Naive Bayes Tutorial
21 Gaussian Naive Bayes Tutorial
22 k-Nearest Neighbors
23 k-Nearest Neighbors Tutorial
24 Learning Vector Quantization
25 Learning Vector Quantization Tutorial
26 Support Vector Machines
27 Support Vector Machine Tutorial
V Ensemble Algorithms
28 Bagging and Random Forest
29 Bagged Decision Trees Tutorial
30 Boosting and AdaBoost
31 AdaBoost Tutorial
VI Conclusions
32 How Far You Have Come
33 Getting More Help


This book cuts through the mathematical talk around machine learning algorithms and
shows you exactly how they work so that you can implement them yourself in a spreadsheet, in code with your favorite programming language or however you like. Once you possess this intimate knowledge, it will always be with you. You can implement the algorithms again and again. More importantly, you can translate the behavior of an algorithm back to the underlying procedure and really know what is going on and how to get the most from it.
This book is your tour of machine learning algorithms and I’m excited and honored to be your tour guide. Let’s dive in.

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